Adding Equipment to a Work Order

Adding Equipment to a Work Order

When you add a work order, based on the Location and Service Category selected, you can view and select any piece of equipment that is associated. If the equipment is also associated to a particular Space, you will need to select the Space.

When you select the desired equipment, you will then see the "Equipment Details" that includes the name of the equipment, date in-service, warranty expiration date for parts and warranty expiration date for labor!

If you select the equipment name, based on user permissions, you will be able to view and edit the piece of equipment within Settings>Basic>Equipment.

NOTE: If you've selected the following setting within Settings>Advanced>General... will see a warning within the "Equipment Details" in red text , based on the "X Days" before your warranty is ending. 

Also, within "Equipment", the name of the equipment will also be highlighted in red, to show that the warranty is ending.

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