Adding hotspots to your AS400 session

Adding hotspots to your AS400 session

 This solution will allow the use of the mouse on the iSeries screen.

Creating hotspots in your AS400 session in iSeries (Client) Access


Click on Edit, Preferences, Hotspots

The following appears

Put a check mark beside    “point and select hotspots” – 3-D buttons and all boxes on this screen.

Click OK


Notice the screen – your options and Function keys are now highlighted.

Now, clicking on F3 will execute the F3 function.


Go back to Edit, appearance, hotspots

This function will highlight any macros you have named.


Type WRKOUTQ, notice how the word “more” is now highlighted.

If a macro is created called “More” with a function that does page down, the mouse can click on the More button and the page down function will happen.  If you need help creating a macro called ‘More’ that does page down, contact the CCI supportdesk.


There are endless possibilities here for macros and to make life easier and more efficient.



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