Approving a Trip

Approving a Trip

Approving a Trip

There are 2 ways to access trips that are waiting on your approval.  The first is through the email that you will receive when a user requests a trip that needs your approval.  In the email that you receive, there will be a link listed.  When you click on the link, you can sign in and access the trip needing approval immediately.

The second way is to access trips needing approval using the menus on the system.  If you are designated as a field trip approver, or an athletic trip approver you will have the Trip Approval tab.

If you are a location approver, when you sign into the Travel Tracker, the first screen you will see is the Waiting on Approval option on the Trip Approval tab.
You will be shown a list of trips that require your approval. Click anywhere on the trip information to open the trip request.

If your county requires a Funding Source and the funding budget code is not filled in by the trip requester, you may be required to provide a funding budget code before approving the trip. If you try to submit the trip request and you are required to enter the budget code, you will get an error message.

If you would like to get an estimate of what the trip will cost, scroll through the trip request until you get to the section labeled Trip Estimator. Click on the arrow next to Trip Estimator to open the trip estimator.
The fields that are outlined with a box are fields that data can be inputted.  The other fields are calculated from the information that has already been entered in the trip request.
The trip requester may have already filled in the data and computed the trip cost. If they have not, you can fill in the data and then click on the Compute button to compute the estimated cost of the trip and the cost per student.

Scroll to the bottom to Location Level Approval.
Enter comments if desired.
To approve the trip request, click on the circle to the left of “Approved”.
To deny the request, click on the circle to the left of “Denied”.  If you deny a trip, you should enter the reason why in the comment area.  These comments will be emailed back to the requester along with the indication that the trip has been denied.

Once you select your option you will see the Approved/Denied, your name and the date.
You can click on "Print" to print the trip request.
Click on "Save and Close" to save the request and go back to the list of trip needing your attention.

If the trip requires additional approval after the location approval, it will be routed to the next approver. In the example to the right, this trip request will be routed to the second level location approver.