Completed course but not able to print certificate

Completed course but not able to print certificate

 If your course has Orientation and Effective Substitute Teacher training in the title then your course is a two part course.

In order to be able to obtain and print your certificate you must first complete both the Orientation and Effective Substitute Teacher Training portions of the course. 

 Be sure to complete the course verification at the end of the training.

You will also need to complete the course evaluation before being able to access your certificate.

Use this link to login to complete the remainder of your course:

The above link works best using a laptop or desktop device along, with either a Google Chrome or a Firefox web browser.

Sign in with your email address and the password you created, do not rely on your auto-fill feature. If you auto-fill your login credentials you will receive an error message.

Once you have completed both portions of the training, the course verification, and the course evaluation you can then access your certificate by selecting "Certificate" from the drop down menu.

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