Configure iSeries Access Printer

Configure iSeries Access Printer

Adding a iSeries Access printer session to a computer


Click on Start, programs, IBM iAccess for windws, emulator, Start or configure session.


Depending on the version of iSeries access, click “New Session” or “Configure”


Note below:  Name of printer for Sartox/Sunpac users should match what is defined in Sartox/Sunpac for reports.


Fill in the “specify workstation ID” with the name of the printer.  Below, click on Printer, click “Setup” button.



Change the Message Queue name from QSYSOPR to the User’s name (how they sign on to the AS400) – their Userid OR the display station name, if being used (ex. ACCTS1).  Click OK.  Click OK again.


The printer session will “auto configure” – note the name of the printer.


Click on File, Printer setup – make sure your Windows printer driver is selected.




Click OK.


Click on File, Page Setup, fill in blanks as indicated below (for reports).  For POs, use “portrait” settings.



Click File, Save as, Give the printer a name (use the same name as the printer, ex.





Click Save.

The icon will now show up in the folder “IBM Personal Communications – Session Manager” that is open on your desktop.


A shortcut can be put on your desktop by right clicking and holding the icon and dragging to the desktop, lifting up.



Test the printer by printing a report from the AS400 to the printer that is 132 columns wide to see how it prints. (NOT doing a print screen, this is not an accurate test).


There are 3 other ways to set up a printer as well.  Under Communication, configure, choose “transform print data to system I”


Then choose a printer model that best matches what your PC printer is:


 Here is the IBM document to view:



Click on HP (assuming that is the printer manufacturer 


The following will display



Type ctrl-f to find the name of the printer, ex: HP LaserJet 8000 (will yield 5 hits) 


How to read the above chart:


The column “MFRTYPMDL for HPT” are the options that will be used for the HP LJ 8000 printer.  There are 3 choices, and each one should be tried/saved and reprinted/tested for best print results.  If the other columns say N all the way across, that means IBM has not tested the printer and “all bets are off”.


Notice that is the case with this printer:


The P1505 is not supported but the P1505N is.

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