Consolidating routes - helpful for temporary driver shortages

Consolidating routes - helpful for temporary driver shortages

Learn how to quickly consolidate routes on the fly in Travel Tracker Routing

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      Consolidating Routes (helpful with driver shortages) You can consolidate routes easily in Travel Tracker Routing.  This can be especially helpful if you have a driver shortage.   Click on the Routes tab. In this example, we will consolidate routes ...
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      Bus App Instructions Create A Driver Account   Add a driver and add a contact email and click Save: Create a Route Builder account for this driver by clicking the “Create User” button:  The driver will receive an email with a system-generated ...
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      Sandboxes in Travel Tracker Routing allow you to test hypothetical scenarios without affecting your default routes. You can generate routes to see if there are more efficient options for your district. ​ Watch on Youtube Other Helpful Articles and ...
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      In your routing portal, go to the Vehicles tab.   Next to the Vehicle Name, all the way to the right, you will see three dots. Hover over these dots and select the pencil icon. Once you are in the vehicle profile, you can change the driver by ...
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      Travel Tracker Routing has a new, easy way to route students from the main route tab to save you time and resources. Easily view your stops, routes, and unrouted students all at once. ​ Watch on YouTube