Creating a Sandbox

Creating a Sandbox

To create a sandbox, click on the box in the top righthand corner of your routing portal that has the year listed:



A window will pop up with your previous, current, and future school years, as well as any sandboxes that have already been created in your system. To create a new sandbox, click on the “edit/add new” button at the top of this window.

You will be directed to the School Years and Sessions page. Click on the school year you want to add a sandbox to.

Your screen should now look like the image below. To create a new sandbox, click on the “Add Sandbox” button in the bottom middle of the screen.

The “Add Sandbox” window will pop up. This is where you set all the information for this sandbox: where to copy the data from and what data to copy.

Name your sandbox and select the sandbox or default that you want to copy the information from. If this is the first sandbox that you are creating, Default will be your only option. If you have already created other sandboxes, you can choose to copy stops and routes from those as well. Student information is copied as-is from the selected Default or Sandbox.

Select whether you want to copy stops and routes, or just stops. If you copy just stops, then you will have 0 routes in your sandbox and all your students will be unrouted in the sandbox.

 If you are attempting to autogenerate your routes, only copy over stops.

Click create once you have confirmed your settings for this sandbox.

The sandbox has been created at this point. You will automatically be transferred to the sandbox you just created. You can tell which sandbox you are in by referring to the box in the top righthand corner.


You can now generate routes and create different transportation scenarios in this sandbox without effecting information in your Default.