Creating Custom Filters in Travel Tracker Routing

Creating Custom Filters in Travel Tracker Routing

Custom filters allows you to save a combination of filtering.  This is especially helpful when generating routes or working in the sandboxes.


Video on Custom Filters

Custom filters can be created to save your combination of filtering.  For example, if you wanted to easily access Unrouted SPED students, you can filter on SPED students and then filter on All Riders and then on Unrouted students.  Rather than having to do this each time you want to work with this group of students, you can save this combination as a Custom Filter.


To save the filter, go to Filters, Custom Filters, Save current filter.  Enter a descriptive name for the filter.


You can now locate the filter under Filters, Custom Filters!



Note – to remove customer filters, click on the X to the right of the custom filter name.