Creating new stops in Travel Tracker Routing

Creating new stops in Travel Tracker Routing

Creating a new stop

There are several ways to create a new stop.


Video on creating stops

The first way is to click on the “+” icon in the Stops tab.


The Name of the stop can either be the same as the address for normal home addresses or it can be the name of a place.  In this example, the stop name is Smith Church.


Indicators for this stop can be turned on by using the checkboxes.


The system will automatically locate the stop on the map based on the address if you have a complete address that the mapping system recognizes.  However, if you want to specify a longitude and latitude for the address for stops where there is not an exact address, click on the Geocode indicator and enter the longitude and latitude.

If you want to look up the longitude and latitude of the address you entered, use the second icon.

Sometimes you may want to locate the stop manually on the map by clicking on the map.  To do this, click on the locator icon and then zoom in on the map and click on the stop location.  The longitude and latitude of the stop will populate.

The general system settings indicate what the default stop time for a stop is.  If you have a stop that for some reason takes longer than most other stops, you can uncheck the indicator to use the system defined stop time and enter the stop time for this particular stop.  This is helpful when calculating stop times if you know that a stop takes longer than the average stop.


Creating a stop by clicking on the map

Another way to create a new stop is by locating the stop on the map and clicking.  To add a stop this way, go to the Stops tab and either zoom in on the map or type another stop location to position on the map. Click on the red icon to add a stop with geo-location.

You will see a green indicator prompting you to click on the map to create a stop.  

The system will populate the stop name with the address where you clicked.  Note – you can change the stop name to any name.

Note:  To refine the location, click on the Edit Location button at the top.     The location dot on the map will turn red and you can drag the location to refine the stop location.     After dragging the dot to the correct location, click on the Edit Location button again and then click on the Save button.



Creating a stop from the student information

You can create a stop from a student’s address. For example, if you have a new student that you need to add to a route and there is not currently a stop at their address.  Go to the Students tab and type part of the student’s name to locate the student.  Hover over the 3 dots and select the edit icon (pencil)


Click on the Addresses sub-tab in the student record.  To create a stop at this student’s address, click on the “Create a stop here” checkbox.     Note:  If the checkbox is greyed out, there is already a stop at this location in the system.



Click Save.


Creating stops for each student within a group of students

In some cases, you may need to filter for a particular group of students and then use the batch edit feature to create stops at all of their home addresses.  Let’s say for example that you have a group of new kindergartners for the year and you want to do door to door stops for all of them.  

Click on the Students tab.  In this example we will filter for Kindergarten students that are designated as Riders.

Filter for grade level








Filter next for riders









In our example, we can see that there are 80 students.

Click on the Operations sub menu and select Batch Edit.  **Tip:     The right panel of the screen always works with the left panel.  In this case, we have filtered for 80 students, so any batch editing that is done will be applied to these 80 students.

In the Batch Edit panel, select “Create stops at student addresses” under the Stops option.




Click on the green save icon.