Creating North Carolina State Yearly TD19 Report in the Travel Tracker

Creating North Carolina State Yearly TD19 Report in the Travel Tracker

Start by clicking the Reports tab :

You will notice that you are on the Assignments/Trips option on the left side of your screen :

You must select a fiscal year in order to download any report from your Travel Tracker system - for this example we will use 2019-2020 fiscal year - (notice that you can also select other options before exporting if needed) - when finished filtering you must click Apply Filters to bring in the filtered information :

Now that the fiscal year and any other filters have been selected you will see that there are trips listed on the screen - at this time you can click the Export to Excel (Windows) button or if you are using a Mac you can click Export to Excel (Mac) button :

At this time you will notice a message pops up just letting you know that it may take a little while for your report to download and the button will be grey which means that you cannot click to export again You need to click OK on the message before your report begins to download :

Since I'm using Chrome as my browser the report downloaded and came down to the bottom left corner of my screen - when I click on it the Excel document will open up for me :

On the Excel document, you must click the "Enable Editing" and "Enable Content" buttons at the top of the report before you can actually use your report :

Now that you have enabled everything the report will begin to bring in all information (this may take a few minutes depending on the size of your report/how many trips are being downloaded) - once the report is ready for you to begin searching for your NC-TD19 report you will see that it says "Ready" in the bottom left corner :

The report that you are looking for is going to be on the Assignment Reports tab on your report - it looks like this :

You will notice that there is a drop down box at the top - you need to click that drop down box and then scroll toward the bottom - you will see the "NC-TD19 Total Miles" report - click on that report and wait for the Excel document to bring in all the data - again, this could take a few minutes depending on the number of trips in your system : 

At this time you can begin to filter and sort, drag and drop, etc. until you have gotten all necessary information on your report. Once you have filtered for the info, if you want to save that exact document you will need to look at the top of your report, you will see a green button that says "Full Screen View" - click that button :

Now you will notice that there is a blue button that says "Copy to Excel WorkBook" - once you click that button a new report will open up and that is when you will need to do a "File" "Save As" and save your report to your computer - by doing these steps you will save the report with all info that you have filtered for :

If you need to go back and filter for more/less info you need to go back to your original report that you downloaded and click the green button that says "Return to Pivot Table" and you will be taken back to the view where you can either select a different report or you can filter/sort - drag/drop any info :