Deleting a Work Order

Deleting a Work Order

Work Order Management: Deleting a Work Order

Need to delete a work order? You can easily do so within any status of a work order! 

Simply go to the bottom right corner of the Details page and click on the Delete Work Order button.

Who can delete a work order?

  • Admins who have been given user permissions to the Service Category and Location associated to the work order
  • Sub-Admins who can manage work orders and have been given user permissions to the Service Category and Location associated to the work order

Are there any delete notification settings?
Yes, there is a setting within your notification preferences called WO Deleted. You can opt to enable or disable the email notification. 

Who receives the delete notification?
The work order requester and user assigned to perform the duties of the work order will receive the delete notification.

NOTE: If the work order is assigned to a Department, all users that can perform the duties of the work order for the Service associated will also receive a delete notification.

Can a deleted work order be retrieved?
No, once the work order is deleted, you cannot search or retrieve it.

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