Email - Accept/Decline Trip & Downloading/Printing Trip Tickets

Email - Accept/Decline Trip & Downloading/Printing Trip Tickets

An email will be delivered to you after you have been assigned to drive on a trip. The email is usually delivered after 6PM EST. The email will look similar to this :

The message in the email will be similar to the screenshot below and you will see 2 options - Click to Decline or Click to Accept. 

If you choose to decline the trip you will be required to give a reason for the trip decline. Once you have typed your reason you will need to click the button that says "Submit to Decline". That process will look like this :

If you choose to accept the trip you will see the button that says "Submit to Accept". That process will look like this :

In order to view, download, or print Trip Tickets, you must log into Travel Tracker.  After you log into Travel Tracker you will notice your Driver tab.  On the Driver tab you will find Your Assignments, it is here where you will find the ability to download your trip tickets with or without trip directions. After downloading a trip ticket you can open the saved file to print the document.  On the Your Assignments page you may find it convenient to simply click on the “Print Trip Tickets for All” button to generate a printable document of all currently available trip tickets.

Also, in the Driver tab / Your Assignments, you will see where you have the option to Print your trip list as well as the option for you to Print Trip Tickets for All. The print trip tickets for all option will allow you to print all the trip tickets that are listed for you. In this feature you are only printing the trip ticket only, not the trip ticket with directions (those do not print in mass). Screenshot below :

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