Facility Tracker Intro Video

Facility Tracker Intro Video

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    • Setting up Locations in Facility Tracker

      A LOCATION is used to separate work orders across physical locations. At least ONE LOCATION IS REQUIRED to create a work order. NOTE: If you have a large number of locations, you can separate them out under a "Parent" Location by "Dragging" any ...
    • Optimal Browser Settings when using Facility Tracker

      When using eSPACE, we always recommend using either the CHROME or FIREFOX browsers for optimal usage. The grids on the Event Scheduler and Work Order Management dashboards refresh in REAL time. Therefore, things can change very quickly! If you choose ...
    • Introduction to the Volunteer Tracker video

      This video provides a high level overview of the Volunteer Tracker. Watch this video on YouTube.
    • Getting Started with Travel Tracker for End Users Video

      If you are new to the Travel Tracker, this video will guide you through the basics.
    • Installing Facility Tracker on your Mobile Device

      Facility 2020 is a "progressive web app" (PWA for short).  That means that even though it is a web application, it can still be "installed" to your smartphone or tablet, and run much like a native app.  Here's how to install it.   On an iOS Device ...