General Settings for Your Organization

General Settings for Your Organization

Work Order Management: General Settings for Your Organization

Admins Only

To get started with setting up your general settings for your facility, go to the left Sidebar, of your dashboard and click on "Settings>Advanced>General".

General Settings (see attached below):

  • Enter your "Organization Name" that you want displayed throughout the application
  • Choose from the drop-down menu your "Time Zone"
    It is very important that you select the correct time zone for your organization as it has it effects the internal calendar and time of your events, as well as, the history of your event (history tab). Also, if you have the COOLSPACE integration, choosing the right time zone is crucial for your HVAC to be engaged and dis-engaged at the correct times.
  • Choose from the drop-down menu your "Country"
    This is important as it impacts your billing options for State/Providence and Zip/Postal Code. For example, if you live in Canada and you do not select this as your country, you will have an error message when trying to add your Providence and Postal Code!

Optional Settings - Check each desired box, and SAVE.

Email Work Order COMMENTS to the Requester - If selected, an email notification to be automatically sent to the requester with any comments that have been added to a work order.

Display Spaces on Work Order Request Form - If selected, all spaces will show on the work order request form, once a location has been selected.

Require a SPACE When Creating a Work Order - If selected, all work orders will require a space to be selected before submitting the work order.

Allow Portal Users To Add Comments - If selected, Portal users will be able to add comments to a work order.

Expose Departments on Work Order Create Form - If selected, all of your departments will be exposed on the work order request form, including portal users. However when you do this, your service categories will filter based on the department selected.

Warn users when reserving Parent Space if they wish to reserve all child spaces - If selected, a warning message will be displayed, if a user selects a parent space with child spaces

Use Condensed Navigation Mode - When selecting this option, it condenses your sidebar options, giving it a sleeker look and feel. 

Allow Item Closures from Work Orders - This allows you to create a Space Closure within a work order. If you are a bundled client using the Event Scheduler and Work Order Management modules, the space will not be able to be reserved for events during the closure.

Close All Rejected Work Orders - Select this setting if you want to have rejected work orders automatically closed.

Disable Usage Of Employee ID? - As an Admin, if you do not want to include the option to add employee ID when adding a new user, you can disable the option here.

Show Warning X Days Before Equipment Warranty Is Ending
- If you have added any warranty dates (see attached below) when adding equipment, this setting gives you the option to show a warning, based on the number of days selected before your equipment warranty is ending. For more information, go HERE.

Automatically Complete Work Order Upon Completion of Final Task - When selected, if a work order is added with tasks, once the final task has been marked as "Complete", the work order will automatically go to a completed status and show under the "All Completed Work to be Reviewed" grid.

Hide Requested Completion Date for Portal Users - When selected, portal users will not be able to see or add a completion date when requesting a work order.

Hide Requested Completion Date for All Internal Users - When selected, all internal users will not be able to see or add a completion date when requesting a work order.

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