Generating bus schedule notifications (emails) with varying schedules

Generating bus schedule notifications (emails) with varying schedules

When students are scheduled on varying days of the week, you will want to be sure to use the template for All Bus Schedules so that the day of the week occurrence is inculded in the email.  There is also a new preview button to all you to preview the emails for spot-checking.

An enhancement has been added to the Real-Time Notifications feature that assists particularly with districts that are using day-specific routing.  This new enhancement also provides the ability to preview the email before sending.     Previously the bus schedule emails generated were based on the current day of the week (which was confusing).

Let’s use an example where we have some students that are scheduled to be routed on Monday/Tuesday and others that are scheduled on Wed/Thurs.     If I want to send bus schedules to parents, I can filter for all routed studentsas an example.

Once we have our filtered list, we can go to Operations, Real-Time Notifications.


In the message templates, there is now a NEW template called “All bus schedules template”.  This template will provide ALL bus schedules and include the day of the week.

There is also a NEW “view” option next to each student in the list.  This provides the text of the email so that you can verify the information or spot-check particular students.  In this case, this student is routing on Monday and Tuesday.