How can I see a trip that has already occurred (a past trip)?

How can I see a trip that has already occurred (a past trip)?

If you want to see a trip that you have already entered in the past you can go to your Main tab / on the left side of the screen you need to click on Your Trip Requests - that will look like this :

Now you will see some sorting options - in order for you to see past trips you need to select "All Trips" - it will look like this :

Notice that on my screen I can now see a trip that I took last year (2019)

***Some school districts use the Archive feature to clean up their Travel Tracker, to keep it running more smoothly. If you cannot find a past trip using the instructions above, your trip is probably in Archive at this point. Once the trip has gone through the financial process it may move to archive and you will not be able to see it anymore. ***

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