How do I find canceled trips?

How do I find canceled trips?

Transportation Admins see canceled trips by going to the Trip Requests tab / Approvers can see canceled trips from the Trip Approval tab / Vehicle owners can see canceled trips from the Vehicle Owners tab / A secretary or bookkeeper can see canceled trips from the School Finance tab :



Look on the left-hand side of your screen (from any of the tabs listed above) and you will need to click on the Trip Inquiry option :

At this time you will see a big filter box in the middle of your screen. You have the option to search by many different things but to find canceled trips you need to use the Status drop down box and select Canceled :

Make any other filter selections and then you must click the Apply Filters button in order for the screen to refresh and bring in the data you have filtered for - if the canceled trip was on a past date you must select All Trip Dates in the filter box :

At this time all canceled trips (meeting the criteria that was filtered for) will show up for you. You can click on the trip request and open it up to view it. Admin users will have the option to reinstate a canceled trip if needed and you can make any necessary changes to the trip request.