How do I quickly assign vehicles and drivers to trips? (Vehicle Owner info)

How do I quickly assign vehicles and drivers to trips? (Vehicle Owner info)

Do the following steps to quickly assign vehicles and/or drivers to trips:

This will default to Pending Vehicle Assignment.  You may assign the vehicle and driver from this selection.

The pending trips will display in Pickup Date order but may be resorted as necessary.  Choose the first trip by clicking on the trip number to open the trip request.

Scroll to the Reserve Vehicles section near the bottom of the request form:

If you only assign vehicles then choose "Find Available Vehicles".  If you want to assign the driver and the vehicle at the same time choose "Find Available Drivers".  

Your drivers will show up in the order of rotation your district office has chosen.  If you choose a rotation rather than alphabetical then the first driver on the list is the next driver in the rotation to be assigned to this trip.

Click on the star by the driver's name.  The star will turn yellow then choose Reserve Selected Driver(s).

This turns into a Current Vehicle Reservation for This Trip.  You still have the option to change the driver and/or vehicle by clicking the change button and choosing the new driver/vehicle.  

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