How do I search Completed Work?

How do I search Completed Work?

An Admin (and/or Sub-Admin based on their user permissions) can search for a completed work order within their "All Completed Work to be Reviewed" grid. To open the work order and review the details, click on the work order number OR click the green view button. There are also options to print, close, or not accept a work order (see below).

There are also options to print, close, or not accept a work order. If you're happy with the completed work and choose to 'Close" the work order, it will go to your "Closed Work Orders" folder, located on the top right of your dashboard.

If you choose "Do Not Accept", you will have the opportunity (see below) to add a reason why you are not accepting the work that was done, which will then be sent to the person who performed the work.

The unaccepted work order will then show on the person performing the work's dashboard under their "My Work Not Accepted" grid whereby the can restart the work (see below).

It will also show on the Administrator's dashboard (see below), under "All Work Orders in Progress", until the work order has been completed and Administrator closes. NOTE: The Administrator has the option to re-assign the work order, if desired.

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