How do I see which buses are being used? (Vehicle Owner info)

How do I see which buses are being used? (Vehicle Owner info)

You may see where your buses are being used by your location or by other locations by using the Trip Inquiry and/or the Assignment Inquiry.  The Trip Inquiry will show you all trips regardless of whether or not a vehicle has been assigned.  If the vehicle has been requested, it will show in this view.  The Assignment Inquiry will only show trips where vehicles have been assigned.

Req Loc will default to "My Locations" which are all locations who have requested your vehicles.

The dates used by default will be today's day through the last date trips have been requested.  You will want to adjust this date to the date you are looking at specifically.   Then apply filters.

You may change your filter selections by clicking the "Clear/Reset" button.  

Assignment Inquiry will show a list of trips that have already had vehicles assigned.  It will default to you as the vehicle owners.  So any trips requesting use of your vehicles will show on this list.  Again, adjust your date(s) and "Apply Filters".  

You have two view options, "Standard with Costing" or "Basic" which does not show costing informaiton.