How do I View Vehicle Assignments (Vehicle Owners)

How do I View Vehicle Assignments (Vehicle Owners)

Viewing Vehicle Assignments

There are several options available to view vehicle assignments. These are listed under your Vehicle Owners Tab under the Schedules/Assignments option.

You will see "By Owner" / "By Requesting Location" / and "Assignment Inquiry" options to choose from on the left side of your screen. 
The By Owner option allows you to view all the trips that have vehicles assigned at your location. You have several options to Sort by.

You will also have the ability to print your trip tickets from this view. You can print them one at a time or you can use the option to Print Trip Tickets for All
From this view, you can also see all pertinent information about this trip including the driver name, estimated miles, if Mileage has been entered, Total Costs and Approvals and Payments, etc.
Remember that you have the option to download the trip ticket individually or all for that day.  When you click on Download Trp Tkt button you will have the option to open or save a Word document that contains all the trip information and has sections where the odometer readings and passenger numbers can be logged as well as any comments about this trip.  The driver and person responsible for the trip will sign and date this form at the end of the trip.
The Mileage Input option gives you a large sort-able view where you will have the option to find certain trips or see all trips where you need to enter beginning and ending odometer readings, etc.

Or you have the ability to print the list of trips on your screen.  
If the invoice has not been approved, the beginning and ending odometer readings and driver hours can be edited inside the actual invoice. Make the required changes and then don't forget to click on the Compute button.

Save and Close button at the bottom saves your changes and takes you out of the invoice

If you only need to enter the beginning and ending odometer readings (without driver hours) you can do that from the Mileage Input option. Enter the beginning and ending odometer reading (Note: both are required) and then click on Compute. Before leaving this view, you must click on Confirm Changes for the changes to take effect.