How to add a New Form and attach to a Service Category

How to add a New Form and attach to a Service Category

Admins can now create multiple forms within the Form Builder, then attach one or multiple forms to any service category, and make it required! Note: At least one form question must be marked required.

Adding a New Form

  • Go to the left sidebar of your dashboard, click on Settings>Advanced>Form Builder

  • Next, add your form name and select SAVE.

  • Select from the drop-down, your "Question Type" 

  • Add your "Question Text", select if you want the question to be "Required" and then SAVE.

  • Add any additional questions that you'd like to the form, then preview your form to ensure that spelling is correct and that you've added all of your desired questions (required and/or not required).
  • Need to re-order your form questions? Simply select the green up/down arrows to the left of your question to change the order. If you want to delete your question, select the red trash can to the right of your question.

Attaching Form(s) to a Service Category

  • You can easily add one or multiple forms to any current category by going to Settings>Basic>Service Categories

  • Next, select the green edit button to the right of the Service Category that you want to attach the form to.

  • Simply click within the Form box to add one or multiple forms to the Service Category and then SAVE.

  • After you select "SAVE", the Service Category will show the form(s) attached.

Adding a New Work Order for a Service Category with Form(s) Attached

  • Now when a work order is requested and the service category is selected with the form(s) associated, the person requesting the work order will then see a message, highlighted in blue to "Fill out all Forms". The form(s) name is highlighted in blue under "Form" and the red exclamation point below "Status" indicates that the form(s) is required to be completed.  To open the form, simply click the name of the attached form, highlighted in blue and complete, answering all of the required questions.

  • Once the form has been completed, you will see a green check mark under the status. Simply complete the remainder of the work order request and click "SAVE" to submit.

  • The Admin will then assign the work order to the appropriate person or Department to perform the duties of the work order where they can see the attached form within the work order under "Forms". The form can be viewed/edited and also printed.

If you still have questions, please reach out to "Live Support", located on the top right of your dashboard. Thanks!

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