Introduction to Travel Tracker (All Users)

Introduction to Travel Tracker (All Users)

This animated introduction to the Travel Tracker provides a high level overview of how the Travel Tracker works!

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    • Using Special Dates in Travel Tracker (Admins)

      Special dates can be used to add items to the Trip Calendar to let users know of dates that might affect their trip plans.  Special dates don't block trip entry, but it does warn the users.  Watch this short video to learn more. Watch this same video ...
    • Getting School Nurses in the loop with field trips (Admins)

      The Travel Tracker can automatically notify school nurses when students with health concerns are traveling.  Nurses can have their own portal into Travel Tracker to view upcoming trips.  This video tip shows Travel Tracker Administrators how to setup ...
    • Getting Started with Travel Tracker for End Users Video

      If you are new to the Travel Tracker, this video will guide you through the basics.
    • Submitting a request for a field trip

      Submitting a request for a field trip Login using your link for Travel Tracker. Your email address is your user name. Use the password that you created when you registered. To submit a request, click on the Main tab. Click on “Submit a request” The ...
    • How can I see trips for a specific month?

      One way to see trips for a particular month is to use the Calendar feature.  If you have access to the Calendar tab it looks like this : Once you have clicked on the Calendar tab you will see that your choice on the left side of the screen is "Trip ...