Setting up Equipment (All Admins)

Setting up Equipment (All Admins)

All Admins within Work Order Management have complete access and can manage equipment. However, if an Admin gives a Sub-Admin permission rights to manage equipment, they will also see the Settings>Basic>Equipment only tab on their dashboard (see below). 

Add any piece of equipment that a work order is created to address (ex: Carrier Unit, Boiler, Vehicles/Fleet, etc.).

To add your equipment, go to Settings>Basic>Equipment (as shown above), located on your left side bar, then choose "Add New Equipment" (see below).

Next, add the Equipment Name, associate the equipment with one or more Service Categories, add the Equipment Description, add the Location of the Equipment (see below). Notice that you also have the option to retire your equipment!

You will notice a few default fields that have been added to equipment, such as the Manufacturer, Model #, Serial #, Date-in-Service, Warranty Exp - Parts, and Warranty Exp - Labor date as shown in the attachment below. 

NOTE: When the Warranty Exp - Parts expire, the name of the equipment will be highlighted in RED as well as the expiration date!

You also have the ability to upload "Images", "Attachments" from your computer and "Documents" from your Document Library that you want associated with the equipment. If you want to include more information about your equipment, you can add your own "User Defined Fields", so that when equipment is added, these additional fields will also be populated.

Note: Once a piece of equipment has been added, you are able to "retire" (see below) it at any time, yet retain all records associated with it.

If you want to export your equipment list, click on the green "Export Equipment" button. Then you will be directed to another page where you can select any or all the fields you want to export and even order them according to how you want to see them.

Within "Equipment", you can track the work orders associated with each piece of equipment. This will help with the future planning of replacements as well as help manage the people working on them.


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