Setting up Locations in Facility Tracker

Setting up Locations in Facility Tracker

LOCATION is used to separate work orders across physical locations. At least ONE LOCATION IS REQUIRED to create a work order.


  • If you have a large number of locations, you can separate them out under a "Parent" Location by "Dragging" any Location to another. When you do this, the Location will become a "Child" of the Parent (Parent/Child Hierarchy).
  • If you would like to customize the name of your "Parent" locations, please do so by using the "Parent Location Label".

To Add/Edit new locations, click the Locations menu option:

NOTE: As an Admin, make sure the permission (Can Add/Edit Locations) is checked or you will not see Locations on the menu.

Clicking on locations allows you to see all your Locations across your organization.

NOTE: The Loc-Code will be used to show the locations on the Calendar and Dashboard.

Assigning/Editing Locations for Users

  1. Go to SETTINGS>BASIC>USERS, and click the EDIT USER button. Now at the bottom of each user’s info you will see a LOCATION section.
  2. Assign the location(s) permissions for the user.
  3. If an admin should be allow to create locations, please check the “Can Add/Edit Locations”

Assigning Locations to SPACES:

Now that you have locations assigned, you will need to assign all your Spaces to their respective location(s).

Once assigned you will see the new LOC CODE prefix the actual name of the Space on the tree view.

NOTE: When adding EQUIPMENT, you can also associate a LOCATION to it.

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