User Security and Roles

User Security and Roles

Travel Tracker Routing offers easy solutions and flexibility for allowing your staff to work within the program. Watch this video to learn more about user roles and security.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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    • User Security and Roles in Travel Tracker Routing

      Setting us various roles and user security is easy in the Travel Tracker Routing and gives you great flexibility for allowing access for school administrators, bus drivers and more 
    • Understanding User Roles and Permissions

      Before you start adding your new users, let's go over the (4) main roles and permissions. We will start with the most basic user first. Calendar View Access Only - When this user logs in, they are directed to the internal calendar and can view the ...
    • Print user profiles

      To obtain a report of all user profiles on the system, use the PRTUSRPRF command. The first report lists the users by group if they exist (finance, bud, schools, etc) as well as any special authority, user class (user, system operator, programmer, ...
    • Security Audit Journal types

      Security Audit Journal types P Password not valid. Q Attempted signon (user authentication) failed because user profile is disabled. R Attempted signon (user authentication) failed because password was expired. This audit record might not occur for ...
    • Changing Service Tools User id

      Changing Service Tools Userid STRSST   Option 8   Option 1   Change the password by the one needed.   Also check this: Change IBM Service Tools Pwd (CHGDSTPWD) This will reset QSECOFR back to the system supplied default (read the help text on this).