Viewing Routes in Travel Tracker Routing

Viewing Routes in Travel Tracker Routing

Viewing route information

Once your routes are built or imported into Travel Tracker, you can view and adjust the routes from the Routes tab.



To search for a route, you can type in all or part of the name of the route in the search box.


To view details of a route, click on it in the list and more details will open in the left panel, including the individual trip segments (such as the AM and PM trips) within the route.


Note:  Trips that indicate “skipped” have no students assigned at that stop.


To view the route on the map, click on the visibility icon for the entire route or click on the visibility icon for the individual segment within the route.



This icon will quickly center the route on the map rather than having to scroll and zoom with your mouse.





When the routes are displayed on the map, they are color-coded based on the colored bar showing to the left of the route name.  Tip:     You can change the color of the routes by editing the vehicle assigned to the route and selecting a new color.



You can click on any of the stops along the route on the map and obtain additional information such as the stop times and number of students at that stop.


Click on the stop detail on the map to open up a panel on the left side of the screen with who the students are.






Anytime you see this icon you can see the street view of the stop.


The street view will pop up in a window and you can use your mouse to rotate the view.